Police investigate emergency evacuation in cbd #DallasFire pic

Police investigate emergency evacuation in cbd #DallasFire pic.twitter.com/R7fE4ZySxw — WFAA-TV (@WFAA) September 5, 2016

At the scene, residents said authorities had evacuated two houses with a large number of people and they were not allowing anyone to leave.

Dallas firefighters also are searching for a female passenger in a minivan they believe was traveling with the passenger. Authorities don’t believe she is a victim.

Witnesses at @DallasMetroEMS evacuating Dallas-area. One passenger at the front passenger door has been identified as a woman — Lisa G. Johnson (@LindaBJohnson1) September 5, 2016

Witnesses said a man with two children was trapped inside a house. He was taken to the hospital.

A man was in critical condition at the hospital, but doctors do not think he wasa href= »https://www.jarvees.com/ » title= »바카라 »바카라/a dead, said Dallas Fire Department spokeswoman Debby Orr.

The woman, whom officials identified as a woman in her 30s, suffered minor injuries in the fire, Orr said.

Witnesses said the house was packed. People are told to leave. No more information available. — Julie Stewart (@juliewstewart) September 5, 2016

It is too early to tell if there is any possibility of any fatalities or injuries, officials said.

It was not immediately clear if more evacuations are planned in the area.

« As a precaution, Dallas police is working in the area to assist those individuals that have been affected by the recent fires, » said Dallas police Lieutenant Mike Chiaveroni.

Several media and social media outlets from around the U.S. were quick to offer support for residents affected by the massive wildfires.

One man, who went by the name Austin P., said he was « sick » to death of the heat and fire.

Another wrote, « Thank you @DallasFire. The country has been blown apart! I am so sorry and thankful you are so good to me! Love ya href= »https://www.jarvees.com/ » title= »바카라사이트 »바카라사이트/aou Austin! »

The hashtag #DallasFireTribute a href= »https://www.jarvees.com/ » title= »더킹카지노 »더킹카지노/awas trending on Twitter and Instagram, drawing many of its Twitter followers to donate to help the victims and their loved ones.

There is a #DallasFireTribute GoFundMe page available to help the victims and their families. https://t.co/vFbxJz6I4F — Dallas EMS (@DallasEMS) September 5, 2016

There is a candleligh