Libs pledge private school funding labor defends new California bill

Libs pledge private school funding labor defends new California bill

California Democrats, many of whom have vowed to use labor to defeat GOP-backed legislation that would force public school teachers into contracts for years, blasted the union for its role in organizing parents to oppose a bill that they say threatens public education and jobs.

Gov. 20pc araignee homme casse noir dahlia cuivre collier marvel avengers cristal pendentif broche bijoux accessoires Jerry Brown (D) said in a href= » » title= »우리카지노 »우리카지노/aa statement Friday that he had signed SB 1412 — the « Unions, Teacher Contracts and Higher Education Act » — into law. bague argent pierre violette The bill would prevent teachers unions and state employees from collecting pay raises or other compensation, requiring the unions to disclose financial conflicts of interest and outlawing bargaining on such mattersa href= » » title= »우리카지노 »우리카지노/a.

« California school systems and all California community colleges are already working to strengthen our public education system — now SB 1412 is adding another layer to that effort with tha href= » » title= »카지노 사이트 »카지노 사이트/ae intent of making our public education system even more competitive and accountable, » Brown said.

But teachers unions in California argue that public funding cuts would harm many communities, including their local educational districts.

The American Federation of Teachers, which represents more than 5,500 unionized teachers, called for a boycott on Monday ahead of Brown’s signing of the bill.

« Public school teachers across the country can look forward to the worst days of the state of California, » the group’s president, Randi Weingarten, said in a statement.

The state Department of Education said that, for the fiscal year beginning in 2015-16, the statewide school funding bill passed by the Legislature would « result in a drop of more than $18 billion » from California schools.

Brown’s administration has said that SB 1412 is critical to ensuring that funding is available for all students. bracelets vintage hommes en acier inoxydable wrap croix maille sangle bande couleur or ajuster But the bill will prevent the state from taking action that could push up teacher wages or make them ineligible for benefits, such as paid sick leave.

The governor said that the bill, which passed the Senate on Friday, is similar to the ones that Democrats have proposed in the past.

« This law gives teachers a chance to create a system that is both competitive and will benefit all taxpayers, » Brown said. mignon femme vert email anneau classique or argent couleur anneaux de mariage pour les femmes delicat cristal fleur abeille bague de fiancailles « SB 1412 also sends a strong message to our schools that we are committed to giving them access to a competitive private sector. »

The bill does not authorize pay raises.