Nursing home operators issue funding ultimatum to parents of teenagers

Nursing home operators issue funding ultimatum to parents of teenagers

Linda Phelan, The Seattle Times By Linda Phelan, The Seattle Times Jan 30, 2013, 5:05 pm CST

Updated Jan 31, 2013, 8:15 am CST

State law requires the state to pay more for child care services if parents have incomes from a third party. They must pay those costs after parents receive their child support. But the state said last week it won’t pay for it unless it collects payments from parents after Dec. 31.

In 2011, the Legislature adopted a compromise bill that required the payment to go to a separate fund created by Gov. Christine Gregoire and her office to pay for the extra costs. bague de luxe femme bleu cristal pierre classique or argent couleur anneaux de mariage pour les femmes vintage ovale fleur bague de fiancailles The bill passed the Senate in December. bracelet homme cuir bleu cleor It now goes to Gov. bracelet argent muriel robin Jay Inslee’s office and has yet to be signed into law. bracelet homme nazar boncuk Inslee is in the process of reviewing the bill.

After losing millions in the recession, the state is on the hook to collect funds for childcare costs from a third-party payment fund. It says the additional money is necessary to pay for higher operating costs such as the salaries and benefits of state workers that take care of children.

Last week, about 7,000 Washington parents signed a petition demanding that Gov. gem time vintage emeraude carre pierre precieuse en argent sterling 925 bague de mariage pour les femmes promesse mariee fiancailles bijoux cadeau Inslee address the problem.

In a letter to Inslee on Monday, the parents say they’d paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support payments, even though they were not working.