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What is Cambridge AnalyticaCambridge Analytica is an analytical firm that works with political parties coque samsung j5 stranger things that want to the behavior of the audience. Employees study user data from social networks and their own polls, combine them coque samsung galaxy core prime keep calm fille with behavioral science and identify people on the Internet, to which politicians could through firm builds of potential voters with the help coque coque smartphone samsung a5 2016 samsung a5 2016 panda of a large array of data, and then selects targeted advertising for them. Formally, Cambridge Analytica is based in coque samsung grand gt-i9060 London, but focuses on Republicans in the United States.

In 2014, the firm helped with the election campaign of Ted Cruz. The head of coque samsung galaxy game of thrones the company, Alexander Nix, said that the Democrats the technological revolution and the company helps the Republicans to reduce the gap. It’s clear these platforms can’t police themselves. I called for more transparency accountability for online political ads. They say « trust us. » Mark Zuckerberg needs to testify before Senate Judiciary. Getty ImagesOn March 16, it turned out that in 2014 Cambridge Analytica, bypassing Facebook rules, received personal data from coque samsung a3 2016 paillettes 50 million US social network users from the United States to compile The company bought information from Alexander Kogan, a professor coque samsung a5 2017 alcool at Cambridge University. They are not victims. They are accomplices. In return, the professor received access to customer profiles and their friends in the social network. In total, 270 thousand people connected to the application, which helped Kogan get data of 50 million users.

The collection coque 360 samsung galaxy a5 2017 of such information is not prohibited by the rules of Facebook, if the owner of the application it at home. But Kogan sold the personal data to third parties without the knowledge of users they were obtained by Cambridge Analytica and Eunoia Technologies. The New York Times called it biggest leak coque samsung galaxy s6 edge waterproof in the history of social networks. 2015, Facebook removed thisisyourdigitallife and required the professor to destroy all information about users. Kogan and company representatives said they got rid of the data, but in March 2018 the social network learned that some of the personal information was preserved.

Cambridge coque samsung s’ mini Analytica claims that it removed data for the first query in 2015. According to the representatives of the firm, they signed a contract with a academician from a double coque samsung s8+ famous university and did not know that all the information received violated the rules of the service.

How does this relate to TrumpIn 2016, Cambridge Analytica began working with Trump campaign headquarters. According to the media, the company used the data received from Kogan to set up advertising for users of social networks, which would persuade them to coque samsung galaxy s9 rugby vote for the right coque samsung gt 6312 candidate.

The Politico edition noted that Cambridge Analytica Vice President directed the development of Trump election campaign strategy. coque samsung a5 2017 danseuse Personal Information 50 million Facebook users allegedly helped determine which cities to visit, what topics to raise and what to say in public speeches.

In December 2016 the German edition of Spiegel Online reported that coque pompier samsung a5 2017 the analytical firm had a great influence on the victory of Donald Trump, composing a psychological portrait of voters. At that time, journalists could not coque samsung galaxy s6 edge dore prove the illegal actions of Cambridge Analytica.

Who told about this

Photos of Business InsiderOn the activities of Kogan and Cambridge Analytica, The Guardian and The New York Times were interviewed by a coque samsung galaxy j5 2016 rouge former analyst firm analyst , who helped with the collection and processing of data. According to him, a special program was created for the Trump campaign, which, coque samsung a5 2017 mandala through information from Facebook and advertising, influenced the choice of voters.

Wylie left the company in 2014. He provided evidence to the media that his former employers had acquired data from 50 million social network users. them cdiscount coque samsung galaxy grand prime it a war, not an election, Wylie said. On March 18 and 19, he reported that his accounts on Facebook and Instagram had been blocked. Lawyers Facebook explained that they did this, because Wylie also used data from Kogan.

What is Facebook faultFacebook also fortnite coque samsung a5 blocked the accounts of Alexander Kogan and Cambridge Analytica in social networks. At the same time, the company stressed : a professor at Cambridge University received user data according to the coque samsung galaxy core prime gta5 rules, because they had previously been requested access to account information, husky and friends list. Because of this, Facebook does not consider what happened to be a leak experts on cyber security consider it differently. They criticized the social network for their inability to protect the personal information of their users. According to The Washington Post, Facebook may be fined by the US Federal Trade Commission. It is clear that platforms can not control themselves. I call for greater transparency and responsibility for political advertising on the Internet. They say us. Mark coque samsung galaxy s5 sfr Zuckerberg must testify before the Senate court March 18, Massachusetts Attorney General Mara Helei announced an investigation into Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. March 19 edition of The Financial Times reported that Facebook shares have fallen by 6% since the beginning coque samsung galaxie prime of the scandal…

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