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A Picture of Life on Lockdown in the High Atlas Mountains

The COVID 19 outbreak has profoundly coque iphone 5 kyrie irving affected the lives of us all. For me, it has meant that I had to abandon my plans to return to Morocco for the rest of the year, and instead I found a job working in PR from my bedroom in my parents’ house.

After finishing coque iphone 5c kawaii licorne my master’s degree in September 2019, I left the UK to volunteer for an NGO that runs boarding houses for girls from remote villages in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, giving them the chance to continue their secondary education.

The houses are built close to the only high school in the region and offer food, board, and an internet connection, all for free. They are part of a larger network of boarding houses for rural students, called dar taliba, which can be found throughout Morocco.

The region only high school. Photo: Ella Williams/Morocco World NewsA typical Amazigh village. Photo: coque huawei pro Ella Williams/Morocco World NewsVery few girls from rural communities in Morocco get the opportunity to continue their education beyond primary school. Some of the girls live up to 70km from school, and with few families owning transportation, a daily commute up and down a rocky mountain path that traverses rivers coque iphone 5c avec protection ecran and ravines is simply coque iphone 5 chocolat impossible. I know this because I often traveled with the girls to visit their families on the weekends. on Monday morning, we would make the journey back to the boarding house, walking kilometers in the pitch black, down a precarious mountain track, and then hitching rides with men heading to the nearest town for work on lorries and trucks. As a result, in rural areas such as coque thermique samsung j5 the Atlas Mountains, up to 83% of women are illiterate.

On route to school. Photo: Ella Williams/Morocco World NewsI keep in touch with the girls who became coque iphone 5c les plus belles my English students, friends, and support coque autres galaxy samsung network for the three months they shared their daily lives with me. We talk about our coque iphone 4 silicone rouge days in lockdown, and recently, I found myself expressing to my friend Leila the frustration I felt working in a temporary job coque iphone 5 sport I had no passion for. She told me:

« Ella, close your mouth and work! People here fichier stl coque iphone 5c want just a small job to save money, but they never found it. You have a big chance. So thank God and be patient in your job at home. »

In that moment, I felt a great sense of shame. It is easy for us to complain about life in lockdown here in the UK. I have not seen my boyfriend, who lives over 200 miles away in Glasgow, for 9 weeks. in September are looking dubious, and I am working in a job that I am not in love with. But at the end of the day, I have never had to worry about having enough food to eat, being able to access medical care, or having to abandon my studies and get married at the age of 16.

Here, I share with you some of the stories of life in the remote Atlas Mountains of Morocco during lockdown, told in the words of two teenage Moroccan girls, Hassna and Fatima Zahra. Both of them are the only girls in their family to continue their studies. Many of their sisters are married with children of their own. The girls’ mothers stay at home, like the majority of women in this mountainous region. In fact, many of their mothers are monolingual Tamazight (Berber) speakers and attended only a couple of years of their village primary school. I distinctly remember visiting the house of one girl, where she showed me how she had been teaching her mother to count to 10.

Read also:Teaching Permaculture in Morocco’s High Atlas’The virus has terrorized Moroccans, especially the poor’

Many of the families in the High Atlas live hand to mouth. Work is hard to come by, and most rely on casual agricultural labor or selling their produce in the weekly souq (market). The lockdown has come at a particularly difficult time for Moroccans, as it coincided with the holy month of Ramadan, a time when families and neighbors often get coque iphone 5 cyclisme together to break the fast.

Many family breadwinners are without work, and without money to buy basic food and necessities. Whilst in the weeks approaching the lockdown, here in the UK we stockpiled coque samsung s7 food, preventing coque iphone 4 etanche others from getting what they needed, the families of the High Atlas have approached the challenges associated with lockdown in a different way.

Hassna: « Getting hold of food and essential supplies is very difficult during the lockdown. Usually, people from here get a ride in trucks with a lot of people, but since the trucks are very crowded, this is now forbidden. In some villages, not a single person has a car coque iphone 4 husky to take them to the town to buy supplies. »

Fatima Zahra: « Whilst we are all locked in our homes, it is the poor who are suffering the most. Without work, people have nothing to eat, or even anything to break the fast with, and they are suffering greatly.

Officials said that they would help those who cannot work by giving them a monthly sum of money, but I haven’t seen any of that help here. They only help the rich and have forgotten about the poor like us. My father works as a minibus driver and takes care of goats, but now he can no longer work, so he only takes care of our animals.

However, we all try to help our neighbors. Nobody has a lot, but everyone should have enough to feed himself and his children. »

A typical village house. Photo: Ella Williams/Morocco World News’Sometimes I say that I must drop out of school’Like in the coque samsung a50 UK, Morocco made the decision to close all of its schools as a result of the COVID 19 outbreak. While for students living in big cities like Rabat or Casablanca, this means returning home to complete lessons remotely online, the closure of schools means that the girls living in dar taliba have had to return to their villages, where they do not have internet connection, let alone a computer.

Obtaining a place at dar taliba is often a lifeline for these girls, who without this opportunity, may find themselves married from as young as 15. This was a harsh reality I had to face up to when meeting the friends and cousins of the girls in their villages. Some of these girls, often younger than me, had not had the opportunity to study and were already married with children of their own.

Material poverty is of course the most urgent issue during the lockdown for many families living in the High Atlas. However, the effects of educational poverty are also being felt, as the lack of internet connection, technology, and even basic resources like the national school textbooks only widens the gulf between these girls and their urban colleagues.

The main road through the mountains. Photo: Ella Williams/Morocco World NewsHassna: « With the virus, school life has changed coque samsung j6 a lot. Sometimes when we are in front of the teacher, we don’t understand the lessons. Now we are in front of a phone, it’s hard to communicate the ideas we want because, frankly, there is coque iphone 4s lapin crétin a big difference between the real world and the virtual world.

Right now, I am not able to keep coque iphone 5s constellation up with my studies. I dream of going to university but I fear that I might not be able to continue studying after the virus. My entire school life, I have lived in a dar taliba full of girls, and we all help and support each other. Now, I am far from them and from their help.

At home, housework often has to come before my studies, especially during Ramadan. There’s also the problem of the Internet, which is often not available and must be constantly topped up. My family don’t have enough money to keep doing that. »

Fatima Zahra: « Studying at home with the virus is impossible. I’ve hardly managed to study at home and have lost interest in studying due to the lack of a good internet connection. Sometimes I say that I must drop out of school. »

‘What are you doing’

When I ask the girls what they are doing, their response is often « iska gawrkh, » « I’m just sitting. » Often, the first in coque iphone 5 et 5s difference their village to go to school, these girls have been breaking down coque iphone 4s silicone swag centuries of gender barriers and pioneering the way for others in their region. Now, they sit at home in their oneor two room houses, helping with housework and hoping for an internet top up. Some also have the prospect of marriage looming over them if their studies do not soon resume.

While it is all too easy for us to complain about feeling bored during lockdown, or, in my case, about a job we do not love, we can take something from these girls who remain positive despite the most difficult of circumstances.

Fatima Zahra told me:

« One day, I want to be able to depend on myself. My dream is to start an association to help other women in my village. I know if I work hard enough, I can succeed. »

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Android custodia cover huawei p8 Headlines has published a single render cover personalizzata showing the front of what is claimed samsung s6 edge custodia to be the LG V60 ThinQ. It doesn’t show samsung galaxy s10 5g hoesje much though, but we cover samsung a8 2018 frasi can see a waterdrop notch as cover samsung a6 plus originale well as volume buttons and another button on the left hand side. The outlet says this button is a Google Assistant key, adding that the power button is on the right hand side.

We also see a gold frame here, which suggests that at least one of the final LG V60 ThinQ colors will be gold. We’ll likely have to wait until the phone amazon custodia samsung s5 neo is launched to hear about any more samsung buds custodia colors.

LG in 2020: Time for a turnaround Back in the beginning of the year, custodia a40 samsung silicone custodia cover huawei y7 2019 we said LG had an cover samsung j6 2018 bambina anonymous 2018. Sure, the company launched aiino custodia portafoglio a samsung s8 a cover samsung galaxy duos ebay good all round flagship in the G7 ThinQ and a pioneering device in the triple camera toting V40

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Otherwise, LG’s next flagship will likely arrive with a Snapdragon 865 chipset, 5G connectivity, and the brand’s suite flip cover samsung tab 3v of audio cover samsung a5 2016 mediaworld related features. What would you like to see from the LG V60 ThinQ Give us your wishlist below!..

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Cover pelle iphone 6 rossa Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price List in Philippines Specs July cover caricaba-custodia strass samsung grand prime-qvkghe

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cheapest Price and Key Features The cheapest price of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Philippines is PHP18636.29 from Amazon. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a 6.4″ display, 12 + 12MP back camera, 8MP front camera, and a 4000mAh battery capacity. It also comes with Octa Core CPU and runs on Android. Release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is September, 2018. Read more

6.4″ cover custodia cover samsung a40 samsung galaxy j5 2015 in 3d Screen Size 12 + 12MP Rear Camera Resolution 6GB RAM 4000mAh Battery Capacity Full Specs

Storage 128GB From18,636.29

512GB From77,331.00Ocean BlueCheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in Philippines is18,636.29

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now available in Philippines. The cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price in Philippines custodia samsung galaxy j5 2015 is18,636.29 from Amazon. You can also choose between different Samsung Galaxy Note 9 variants with 512GBstarting from89,053.00 and 512GBat77,331.00. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price details are updated July 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price Guide

Price List by Country for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Country International Price Price in PHP Hong Kong HKD 2,906.3818,636.00 Indonesia IDR 9.500.00032,714.00 Malaysia MYR 2,699.0031,299.00 Philippines PHP 18,636.2918,636.00 Singapore SGD 484.2717,256.00 Thailand THB 7,99012,782.00 Vietnam VND 9.490.00020,277.00

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in Philippines by Variants

Variants Price Store Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB 77,331.00 Galleon Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB 89,053.00 Galleon Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB Ocean Blue Offer unavailable Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GBOffer unavailable Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Ocean Blue18,636.29 Amazon Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB 43,314.00 Galleon Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB custodia per samsung neo s3 46,397.00 Galleon Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB 48,286.00 Galleon

News about Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Best Smartphones in the Philippines at Every Price Point 27 September 2018 We listed down the top smartphones in the Philippines today, categorized in three price cover samsung note 8 ebay points. Whether you after a budget handset, you need to buy a decent phone for a friend or loved one, or you just want a phone that offers great specs, here are the best smartphones for every budget segment right now.

We listed down the top smartphones in the Philippines today, categorized in three price points. Whether you after a budget handset, you need to buy a decent phone for cover samsung s6 blu topazio a friend or loved one, or you just want a phone that offers great specs, here are the best smartphones for every budget segment right now.

You can Now Order your Samsung Note 9 from Lazada Starting from P55,990 23 August 2018 With the recent release of the latest Samsung Note 9 in the Philippines, more and more tech enthusiasts are itching to get their hands on the latest Samsung flagship phone. If you happen to be looking for a brand new phone online, Lazada has recently launched iphone cover me custodia cover samsung s8 plus their Samsung Note 9 order page so you can get your hands on the newest Samsung phone.

With the recent release of the latest Samsung Note 9 in the Philippines, more and more tech enthusiasts are itching to get their hands on the latest Samsung flagship phone. If you happen to be looking for a brand new cover samsung a10 rigida phone online, Lazada has recently launched their Samsung Note 9 order page so you can get your hands on the newest Samsung phone.

Samsung Note 9 Price Revealed: P50,000 samsung galaxy s20 hoesjes 01 August 2018 As the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 draws near, more and more leaks are being confirmed. Set to be announced on August 9 this year in ebay custodia samsung j5 2017 Brooklyn, New York, the Samsung Note 9 price is rumored to float around USD$940 or approximately P50,000. It a hefty price tag but this range has always been the standard when it comes to the latest Samsung Note Series.

As the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 draws near, more and more leaks housse de couette pokemon are being confirmed. Set to be announced on August 9 this year in Brooklyn, New York, the Samsung Note 9 price is rumored to float around USD$940 or approximately P50,000. It a hefty price tag but this range has always been the standard when it comes to the latest Samsung Note Series.

Display Screen Size cover samsung tablet s 8.4 6.4″ Display Resolution 1440 x 2960pixels Pixel Density 514ppi Water Resistant No Scratch Resistant No Camera Rear Camera Resolution 12 + 12MP Dual camera Yes Front Camera Resolution 8MP Memory RAM 6GB Internal Storage 128GB Expandable Memory Yes Card Slot Yes Battery Battery Capacity 4000mAh Platform Processor Octa Core Operating System Android Design Weight 201g Dimensions (W x H x D) 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8mm Body Material Aluminium Launch Release Year 2018 Release Month September Features Heart Rate Sensor Yes 3D Touch No FM Radio No Iris Scanner Yes Fingerprint Scanner Yes Virtual Reality Capable No Face Recognition Yes LED Notification Light Yes Waterproof Nos Blue Connection Wi Fi Standard 802.11 b/g/n NFC No USB Connectors Micro USB Networking Dual SIM No SIM Card Nano SIM

Samsung Galaxy Note cover samsung galaxy s7 9 Philippines: Specs, Release Date, and News

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Here’s What’s in Store for this Stylus Packed Mobile Phone custodia j 5 2015 samsung The Note 7 fiasco took a major toll on Samsung’s reputation, but thankfully with the release of the Galaxy Note 8 last year, it completely saved the brand. Now, the next thing we can expect from the brand is the announcement of the Galaxy Note 9. Currently, there have been a lot of rumors surrounding this alleged device. But here are the most reliable leaks so far about the Galaxy Note 9.

Release Date In the past few years, Galaxy Note devices, such as the Note 7 and the flip cover samsung m20 Note 8, had August release dates. With this launch pattern, the Galaxy Note 9 might show off in August and be released the following month or within a couple of weeks. Another reason why the Galaxy Note 9′s release date could fall in August is that Samsung needs to beat Apple’s iPhone 9 announcement in September…

Cover pelle iphone 6 rossa Asus TUF Laptops With AMD Ryzen Processors Launched cover samsung a5 2017-custodia cellulari-tkijur

Asus at CES this year is showcasing its new TUF range of laptops. Though nothing seems to have changed on the outside, under the hood seems to be a different story. Asus had introduced cover samsung j5 2017 a portafoglio the TUF gaming laptops last year, and the range was launched in India in November 2018. At CES 2019, cover apple per iphone 6 Asus also unveiled new models in its ZenBook custodia cover huawei p9 lite series, a new StudioBook S professional laptop, apart from new Chrome OS machines.

Thanks to the new AMD iphone 7 8 plus hoesje chipsets, both laptops have full HD FreeSync displays. The Asus TUF FX705DY display’s refresh rates hits up to 60Hz, and Asus TUF FX505DY refresh rates go up to 120Hz.

The move to AMD could be Asus’ attempt to keep the costs of the laptop low while delivering comparable performance. The previous models had GPU specs going up to GTX 1060, so we can expect similar performance from AMD’s RX 560X GPU.

As the name suggests, the TUF laptops are designed to be used under ‘extreme conditions’ and survive the kind of manhandling that would normally break a regular laptop. The series boasts a MIL STD 810G military custodia cover samsung s8 grade build, and can survive accidental drops.

Both the Asus TUF FX705DY and TUF FX505DY have an RGB backlit cover samsung core 2 in silicone keyboard that has a WASD keycap design and an Overstroke technology that is claimed to register keystrokes faster than an average keyboard. Other specs include 7.1 channel virtual surround sound, a 512GB PCIe SSD cover samsung galaxy s iii neo or 1TB FireCuda SSHD, up to stranger things cover samsung j7 2017 32GB of RAM, and HDMI 2.0 output.

Asus has still not unveiled the price cover samsung galaxy s6 libro of the new TUF laptops, but we can expect them to launch internationally within this quarter.

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Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10+ Cases, Protective Film, Battery Specifications Leaked

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