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Flash Tattoos SPONSORED

What is a flash tattoo Basically it’s a temporary metallic jewelry tattoo, which means now you can also wear your favorite jewelries ON your skin how cool is that

Flash bijouterie bague or rose tattoo’s definitely bague pandora avis the rage on the fashion scenes right now, everybody from your favorite IG ers to the runway models are sporting bague or jaune ciselé them and it’s time for me to jump on the trend :D ! While the original Flash Tattoos would set you back as far as USD 22 per package, Me Nail’s providing a more generic version for those of you with limited budget. goed hoesje coque iphone 7 Their version of flash tattoos sells for IDR 55.000/piece (with multiple designs, as flyleaf double couche chaine de perles en or reel 925 en argent sterling bracelets pour femme de you can see for yourself in the pictures) and if you use my discount code (which i will provide near the end of this post, so you have to read the entire post, teehee!) you’ll get 10% off discount.

Since Me Nail doesn’t have names for each design, i decided to give them names LOL but i am not very creative so the names would be very simple hahaha. coque iphone coque iphone 5s I’m calling this one Flashy Butterfly :D

You get bague pandora plume majestueuse 15 tattoos in one sheet for Flashy Butterfly (or even 17 if you count the chain necklace individually LOL)

The very simple instruction (please ignore the bad flyleaf 18k or geometrique cercle reel 925 en argent sterling bracelets pour femme de mode bijoux English, they probably just Google translate the whole thing LOL), bague or rose solitaire diamant L said it’s bague or vinaigre blanc basically like our childhood cartoon temporary tattoos that we got bague or grenat catalan from candies, etc, so. coque samsung coque iphone coque iphone 5 easy peasy hahaha

Like they stated, it’s important to keep your skin clean, dry and oil free so make sure to not put on any body lotion before applying these tattoo or it won’t attach itself perfectly on your skin. coque samsung coque samsung coque iphone 7 I tried to put one on Baby Boy and forgot that he’s always slathered in lotions to keep his skin baby soft, and sure enough the tattoo’s completely ruined and a total failure zzz.

Cut the tattoo as close to the design as possible, this is because the clear part of the tattoo would also transfers to your skin, although it’s bracelets de qualite superieure pour cadeau de fille bracelet couleur or forme detoile vintage transparent and not very visible if you cut it very un neatly or leave a huge part uncut, it’d be quite visible and weird!

Remove the clear bague or blanc diamant et emeraude plastic cover

Place the tattoo face down on the desired spot

Soak the back of the tattoo (preferably with a wet towel) for a few seconds, my suggestion is you should keep it on flyleaf simple lettre reel 925 argent sterling bracelets pour femme bijoux de haute qualite chaine and dab on it until the paper start disengaging itself from your skin

L said that the flash tattoos should last for around 4 days (do not scrub it, of course! But you may do your daily activities as usual), but bague pandora serpent i believe that every skin would have different reactions to flash tattoos and how long they’d last, as well as the body parts where you put the flash tattoos on. I have a normal, very hydrated skin and in smoother parts (leg, inner part of my hand) the tattoos actually start to fade as fast as two days only, but on the mode nouveau vintage elephant tibetain tibet argent plaque bracelets charme elegant rond en metal upper side of my hand the tattoos stay for almost flyleaf or perle perle serpent chaine reel 925 argent sterling bracelets pour femme bijoux fins five days.

I used whatever oil’s available in my room, which happens to be Ovale’s Olive Oil and a piece of cotton pad. coque huawei coque iphone 6 pas cher Pour a bit of the olive oil on the prix bague pandora cotton pad and swipe it gently on the remains of the tattoo

It’s gone in no time! Yes, there are a few glitters left but it’d be completely bague or blanc diamant synthetique gone by your next shower

Now let’s see how the other designs from the Flashy Butterfly looks :

My favorite : the double gold chain necklace, and yes you can wear them individually

Love infinity, tried to put on the silver one of Baby Boy to get couple flash tattoo but failed miserably because of his body lotion LOL

You can be creative with the placements so that you’d end up with different designs with the same style everytime

Like i bague pandora simple said, i had troubles with thinner, slimmer designs and the edges of the bague pandora 190945cz bird’s wings were actually cut off but it was not apparent

Placement of flash tattoos also determined the staying power, i found that the one i put on my leg to flake off the fastest (the next day), probably because bague or jaune taille 62 i rub my feet on my bed too much without realizing it

More cam whoring pictures, because the flash tattoos are so pretty, it’s a shame not to take endless pictures of them, right Btw, there’s only one design of the Flashy Butterfly that i didn’t get to use, that’s the silver dove (actually i was saving it for Baby Boy because it’s bague pandora 191006cz one of the least girly ones that he can use).

I was having a bad insomniac attack one night and spent dawn sitting like a ghost in the corner of my darkened room (near the little light we leave on every night because pitch darkness scares me and Baby enlever rayures bague or jaune Boy) cutting the flash tattoos to wear the next day (eh, actually in the afternoon of the same day). coque huawei coque huawei disney iphone 11 case I guess the bague or blanc et diamant julien d’orcel Sweet Dream i downed worked faster than i expected because i really thought i’ve stored all of the tattoos back inside the bague or longue sleeves when in fact i actually left some laying around. coque iphone coque iphone 8 Pretty sure one of my maid threw it away the next morning and i was really really annoyed.

I personally did not experience any side effects from using these flash tattoo, but those of you who have sensitive skin or are allergic to adhesive should avoid using these tattoos!

IDR 55.000 might seems a bit much for a sheet of paper (with temporary tattoos on them, of course! Haha), but considering that you can wear one sheet for more than a month even if you use more than one design each time, i think it’s quite cheap actually! Take this from Mrs.