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Spammers Quick to Exploit eBay Breach

Perpetrators of unwanted coque samsung s7 edge rabbit email live for headline grabbing events that they can use to separate gullible Web wanderers from their money, so the eBay breach is a perfect vehicle for the scammers,

Cloudmark reported last week.

« In some cases, they’ll take you to a malicious site that will try to coque s7 samsung rouge convince you to install a Trojan on your coque samsung galaxy s6 ananas system, » he said, « but this one is not that bad. »

The scam discovered by Cloudmark tries to scare recipients of coque samsung galaxy s7 vitre the spam message into believing that their eBay credentials may be used to coque iphone xs max simpson give them a criminal record.

« My name was used falsely in an coque protection samsung s8 plus arrest, and I coque iphone 7 8 didnt even Know it until I checked my public record, » one typical spam message reads.

Actually, the connection isn’t secure HTTPS, but plain, coque samsung s5 galaxy miroir old insecure HTTP.

« So why would someone go to coque huawei nova these lengths to try to make it look like the connection is secure rather than paying the (US)$70 or so it costs to buy a certificate and set up a genuinely secure connection » Cloudmark asked in a company blog.

« It will pretty much turn up anyone listed in the white pages in the United States, and tell you it has information on the person in its files, » Conway explained. free laptop coque iphone 11 « After you pay to see the data, you’ll see it’s not an arrest record at all. asap ferg coque iphone 11 bague solitaire or blanc et oxyde They just have a name and address on file from coque huawei p10 the white pages. »

Moreover, when a visitor agrees to pay coque clear view samsung s6 for a search, that agreement contains fine print setting up a recurring monthly charge for the site.

« That’s a trick we see across various sorts of scams, » Conway said. Custodia Cover iphone 11 pro max New York Knicks logo Z3032 Case collier ras de cou panthere 3collierfrance8440 « You’ll sign up for something without realizing it’s a monthly fee rather than a one coques personnalisees iphone 5 5s se time fee. »

Apple device owners coque iphone 8 avant arriere silicone in Australia received an unwelcome surprise in the early morning hours last week. Their iPhones sounded an alarm and displayed a message saying they were locked and wouldn’t be unlocked unless a ransom was paid to « Oleg Pliss. »

Apparently, the users’ iCloud accounts were being accessed, and the Find My coque samsung tab note 10 1 iPhone feature was being used by the intruder to lock the phones remotely.

As it turned out, getting around the ransom demand was relatively easy for most users. heroes of olympus coque iphone 11 subaru sakamaki coque iphone 11 collier ras de cou bulgari If the iPhone had a pass code activated, the ransom screen could be bypassed, allowing users to log into their account and fix the problem. Custodia Cover iphone 11 pro max Green Bay Packers X00377 Case kuroko no basuke generation of miracles coque iphone 11 coque huawei p8 lite loup iPhones without pass codes could be reset by doing a return to factory settings reset via iTunes on a computer.

The account violators did not breach iCloud’s security, according to Apple, so that suggested the attack may have involved compromised user credentials.

« Many users tend to use the same credentials across multiple sites, » Grace Zeng, a security researcher at »As iCloud/Apple IDs have to be registered to email addresses, chances are good that some passwords are the same as their email accounts, » she noted.

« It could be the case that one’s email address and password was leaked as a result of phishing or the recent retailer data breaches, » Zeng speculated, coque avec anneau samsung s6 edge « and attackers were able to use this same credential to log on to iCloud. »

The Find My iPhone incident is just a prologue to things to come, said SilverSky CTO Andrew Jaquith.

« The bigger lesson here is that as consumers rely more and more on cloud services coque iphone 8 plastique rigide to manage their devices, automate their homes and consolidate their entertainment, thieves will increasingly target these services, » he told TechNewsWorld.

May 27. cover custodia case iphone 11 I0425 black hole wallpaper 6qU0 coque iphone movie Federal Trade Commission submits report to Congress calling for legislation to protect consumers from unbridled collection and sharing of their data by data brokers.

May 27. coque wiko tommy 2 zelda coque rhinoshield huawei Jordan Lee Jones, the college student who discovered one major vulnerability in eBay two weeks ago, publicizes a second flaw that coque transparante samsung galaxy s7 he says could be used to hijack users’ accounts.

May 27. cover custodia case iphone 11 X9913 viking wallpaper 68oT8 coque iphone 5 tout terrain vintage femmes bijoux double couleur fleur collier pour filles de luxe cristal verre pull ras du cou colliers accessoires de mode Spotify disables its Android app and notifies users to upgrade coque samsung galaxy s7 edge lapin to new app after discovering a data breach in a single user’s device.

May 27. cover custodia case iphone 11 V1674 botw wallpaper 8kL7 Security software maker Avast takes support forum offline after it discovers data breach placing at risk some 400,000 user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords.

May 27. apple cover iphone 11 cdiscount coque wiko sunset California Assembly approves and sends to Senate bill requiring retailers to notify customers of data breaches. coque samsung s8 edge manga Measure also makes mandatory provision of credit monitoring services to customers affected by a data breach.

May 27. coque iphone 5s originale bague homme or gris Los Angeles County board of supervisors votes to require encryption of data on all county departments’ samsung galaxy s7 coque licorne workstation hard drives. Custodia Cover iphone 11 pro max Dream It Paris L3164 Case coque de samsung galaxy a5 gouttes deau boucles doreilles pour femmes blanc vert bleu perles pierre vintage boucles A similar requirement is already in place for laptops.